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Design Tips

Design tips for your
ABQ custom shower doors

Whether you are hoping to add a luxury look and feel to your master bath at home or are a hotel owner interested in refreshing your guest suites, these design tips can help you with your ABQ custom shower doors. From aesthetic touches to structural elements, there is a lot to consider when choosing your glass shower doors and accessories.

  • What’s your angle?
    As a rule, most showers are built at 90-degree, 135-degree, or 180-degree angles. Frameless® shower doors and shower door handles are built to accommodate these angles. Planning ahead ensures you order the right parts. Not sure what the is of your existing shower? Our technicians can stop by to measure. Just let us know you need those services when you call to discuss your new glass shower doors and accessories.

  • Provide proper support
    When installing traditional framed or heavy glass shower doors, you must verify the wall where you plan to install it has proper studding support. 

  • Curb it
    An important decision is whether you want your shower enclosure to rest on a curb or have it flush with the floor. Curbs help prevent water leakage or pooling on your bathroom floor. Handicapped-accessible showers forgo the curb. If you opt for a curb, they typically are installed at a 5-degree slope to encourage the water to flow toward the drain.

  • Plumb it
    Preventing gaps, uneven joints, and hinge binding require any wall where a glass shower door panel is attached to be vertical. Walls that are more than ¼-inch out of plumb can allow water to leak through.

  • Set minimum width
    Glass panels should be a minimum of 4-1/2 inches wide for tempering glass and supporting hardware. Glass doors also must be at least 22 inches wide, but not exceed 36 inches.

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Are you ready to explore your options for custom glass shower doors for your home or business? Reach out to Albuquerque Custom Shower Doors by calling 505-345-6245 or requesting a consultation online.
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